BNG Life Casting
Faces, Hands, and Other Parts in Plaster, Cold-Cast Stone or Metal

About BNG

BNG Life Casting was started in 1999 mostly as a hobby and a means to an end.  There are a few artists in the San Francisco Bay Area who work in cast acrylic, using both positive and negative volumes to define faces, torsos, what have you.  These are gorgeous, and cost about the same as a really good new motorcycle.  The original intention was to acquire a level of competence with life casting that would allow me to produce similar results, without having to choose between a bike and the artwork.

Along the way, the beauty of what I origininally thought were only intermediate forms has really taken over.  The current goal is to move from the status of advanced hobbyist to a point where the hobby pays for itself and for experimentation along the original path.  As such, you get my best efforts and attentions at a really outstanding price.  Since I'm not in this for the money, I can take as long as I want touching up a casting until I'm satisfied, rather than having to cut corners, or gouge you to make the rent.

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