BNG Life Casting
Faces, Hands, and Other Parts in Plaster, Cold-Cast Stone or Metal

Commissioned Work

Thank you for considering BNG Life Casting for preserving yourself or your loved one in a beautiful, permanent piece of art.

Peace SignThe molds taken are extremely detailed.  You can be certain of accurate reproduction of even the finest features.  An example casting of a hand is shown here with three sections taken at higher magnification.  Click on any image to get an enlarged view. Fingerprint Web of thumb Detail of wrist
Clasped Hands Pressed Hands Two sets of hands of married couples. These are uniquely personal and a permanent memento of a lasting relationship. These are particularly rewarding to make, especially when the couples first see the hands emerge as the mold is broken away.
Bronze Face Gold-Colored Face Plaster Face Your commissioned work is available in natural plaster, colored, or as cold-cast stone or cold-cast metal. Look at more color samples to see how they look.
Bronze Face Bronze Face Pregnancies, torsos, hips, thighs, backs, butts, you name it, we've cast it. See some samples of an adult nature Please do not click on the thumbnails to the left, or on the preceding link if images of nudity expressed in plaster make you giddy or litigious.
Commissioned work costs as follows: Hands, $25.00 each. All other work is based on the area involved. At the smallest, faces are $32.00. Torsos, or entire legs to the hip are $160.00. This includes, at your discretion, light sanding, light fill of highly detailed areas, such as wrinkles or acne, and a color of your choice. Sanding a piece to a high gloss adds 50% to the cost.
If you want larger pieces or multiple copies of a piece, please contact for pricing.
Shipping materials, FedEx Ground shipping, and California sales tax are in addition to the prices quoted above.
Occasionally, you may be able to reduce your costs by selling rights to copy and re-sell your piece. Your anonymity is completely guaranteed, should you choose to do so.

So you know what happens when you come to the studio, please also take a look at the casting process.

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