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Faces, Hands, and Other Parts in Plaster, Cold-Cast Stone or Metal

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BNG Life Casting is on hiatus. The pieces for sale section is still available for viewing, but I am presently unable to make and sell pieces.
All of the pieces you see for sale here can be had plain, painted, or as cold-cast metal. See the color samples page. Please note that the cold-cast metal increases the price substantially (x4).
You can also purchase portions of the casts shown. You may buy the full piece, a half-piece, or a quarter-piece. Prices are reduced accordingly. Please use the comments section of your order to describe the portion of the piece you'd like to have.

My goal is to make available beatiful excerpts of humanity which are viscerally interesting. In order to make this work available to the widest possible audience, the prices on these pieces are not artificially inflated by producing them in limited quantities. Please be aware that while all of the work is made to the same high standard of quality, it is not intended to be an investment which will enrich your bank account.

Faces of a number of friends and acquaintances who were kind enough to trade an original copy for rights to the piece.
More Faces of models and other folks who've been to the studio and traded modeling for work.
Still More Faces of models and other folks who've been to the studio and traded modeling for work.
Yet More Faces Copies of comissioned work for sale.
Smiles More friends, smiling.
Barb Four pieces of Barb, a professional model.
Deborah Deb is a friend of a friend, who was given a gift certificate for a pair of hands, and wound up posing for a copy of her abs.
Noel A growing collection of Noel's poses.
Waynette was a serendipitous model - She was in town for a couple of days visiting relatives, and took part of her Saturday afternoon to come and model.
Jason, a professional model. Very nice definition on his physique.
Latasha volunteered to model out of the blue. She's got a really wonderful happy outlook, and she was a joy to work with. She was also incredibly patient with getting these pieces which include her hair.
The pages below contain some nudity. Please skip these areas if you would in any way be offended by or litigious about images of male or female nudity.
Linda O'Neil The torso Linda did for a Ripley's Believe It Or Not TV segment.
Lindsay Lee A set of poses from Lindsay Lee, a model from the New York area. Very slim and elegant.
Shade Tallchief Shade is a professional model, with six pieces to her credit so far.
Cameron Cameron was a model hired by a student. Her poses came out quite well - it's evident she takes good care of herself.
Anon 1 Pieces from models that preferred to remain anonymous.
Anon 2 Pieces from models that preferred to remain anonymous.

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